Realizing the potential value of big data technology in incumbent firms: an affordance theory perspective

28 Ottobre 2022 - 15:30 / 16:30

310, Viale Romania

Speaker: Luigi Mario De Luca , Cardiff University


Big data technologies are advanced technologies that enable data to be collected in real-time at large volume and at low cost. Anecdotal evidence suggests that insights derived from big data have the potential to transform business strategies and business models and thereby improve marketing, product and service development, human resources, operations, and other core business functions. As such, there has been significant academic and practitioner interest in studying big data and value creation in organisations. However, much of the previous research has focused on studying the relationship between big data resources and investments and their impact on firm performance, and therefore have overlooked the processes and mechanisms through which firms realise the value creation potential from big data technologies. Lack of knowledge and understanding on how organisations realise the value creation potential may explain why some organisations still fail to reach their strategic goals despite investing substantial resources into big data technologies.

Using affordance theory lens, this study aims to address this research gap by seeking to understand how organisations realise the value creation potential from adopting a specific big data technology (i.e., smart meters) in the UK energy sector. To do so, we collected qualitative data (interviews, company documents, news articles, governments reports, and publicly available documents) in two case study organisations.