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Modelling and analysing evolving ecological networks

23 gennaio 2020 ore 11:30 - 13:00

Aula 205b, Sede di Viale Romania, 32

Speaker: Blerina Sinaimeri, INRIA Grenoble - Rhone-Alpes


"Ecosystems are characterised by a high diversity of interacting species. Studying how and why species interact in varying environmental conditions is crucial to improve our understanding ofecosystems functioning. Species interactions are usually depicted as an ecological network in which nodes are the species and edges describe the interactions. Ecological network analysisprovides mathematical tools to describe and analyse patterns observed in species interactions networks.
One of the major challenges in evolutionary ecology is to understand how coevolution shapes species interaction networks. Coevolution defines the simultaneous reciprocal evolution of interacting systems. It is a highly abstract concept that has a large range of applications from ecological systems to socio-economical ones.  In this talk I will present a mathematical model of coevolution and network tools we have developed to understand the formation of coevolutionary networks.  Understanding how the relationships in the network arise can help us to predict the response of the network to changes. We will discuss different challenges in the filed as well as open issues for future studies."