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Lista insegnamenti

Course syllabi and timetables will be made available during the selection period.

Selection period:

  • 27/06/2017 - 5/07/2017 bachelor's and single-cycle master's students
  • 28/06/2017 - 5/07/2017 master's students

  • Selection method: Web Self-Service
    Students must first choose a track (Economics, Finance, Management) and can then consequently select courses from other tracks as electives.
    Before selecting courses, students must pay close attention to:

    • syllabi
    • possible prerequisites
    • course timetables (avoid choosing conflicting lesson times)
    • semester

    Once the selection period closes, it will no longer be possible to modify choices.
    Courses will only be run if the minimum number of participants is reached. If the minimum is not reached, students will be contacted to make a second choice.
    Students that do not select courses by the deadline will be assigned a class schedule that cannot be modified.
    Students enrolled in Italian courses may choose electives in both Italian and English.
    Students enrolled in English courses may only choose from electives offered in English.

    Videos from selected elective courses 2017-2018
    (other videos may be seen on relative syllabus pages)

    M016Competition and high-tech markets
    • Faella Gianluca
    M162Customer intelligence e logiche di analisi dei big data
    • Italiano Giuseppe Francesco
    • Laura Luigi
    M233Digital transformation
    • Spagnoletti Paolo
    M051Experimental and behavioural economics
    • Di Cagno Daniela Teresa
    • Gueth Werner
    M234Gestione dei processi commerciali e delle reti di vendita
    • Lanza Andrea
    M305Machine learning & object driven marketing
    • Laura Luigi
    M303Marketing big data analysis
    • Naldi Maurizio
    S0BMarketing territoriale
    • Non assegnato
    M302Newsmaking & brand storytelling
    • Giorgino Francesco
    M166Retail and service experience marketing
    • Devetag Maria Giovanna
    M304Trade & go to market
    • Capano Giovanni