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Maria Giovanna Devetag

Maria Giovanna Devetag
Associate Professor

Areas of research: Behavioral Economics, Corporate Strategy, Experimental Economics, Innovation, Knowledge Management and R&D, Organization

Search keywords: Organizational routines, Neurofinance, Behavioral economics, Religiosity, Intertemporal choices

Departments: Dipartimento di Impresa e Management

Research centers:
CLIO - Centre for Research in Leadership, Innovation, and Organisation

Main publications (last 10 years)

  • Bortolotti, Stefania; Devetag, MARIA GIOVANNA; Ortmann, Andreas (2016). Group incentives or individual incentives? A real-effort weak-link experiment. JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC PSYCHOLOGY, p. 60-73. ISSN 0167-4870.
  • Devetag, MARIA GIOVANNA; Di Guida, S.; Polonio, L. (2016). An eye-tracking study of feature-based choice in one-shot games. EXPERIMENTAL ECONOMICS, p. 177-201. ISSN 1386-4157.
  • Devetag, MARIA GIOVANNA; Pancotto, Francesca; Brenner, Thomas (2014). The Minority Game Unpacked: Coordination and Competition in a Team-based Experiment. JOURNAL OF EVOLUTIONARY ECONOMICS, p. 761-797. ISSN 0936-9937.
  • Ceccacci, F.; Devetag, MARIA GIOVANNA (2014). Le medie imprese di fronte alla crisi: il caso Meccanotecnica Umbra S.p.A.. PICCOLA IMPRESA, p. 65-87. ISSN 2421-5724.
  • Devetag, MARIA GIOVANNA; Hosni, Hykel; Sillari, Giacomo (2013). You better play 7: mutual versus common knowledge of advice in a weak-link experiment. SYNTHESE, p. 1351-1381. ISSN 0039-7857.
  • Devetag, MARIA GIOVANNA; S., Di Guida; N., Montinari (2013). Theory of mind in the social sciences: an experiment on strategic thinking in children. METHODE, p. 67-92. ISSN 2281-0498.
  • Di Guida, Sibilla; Devetag, MARIA GIOVANNA (2013). Feature-based Choice and Similarity in Normal-form Games: An Experimental Study. GAMES, p. 776-794. ISSN 2073-4336.
  • Devetag, MARIA GIOVANNA (2012). Cognizione, in Treccani, la cultura italiana edited by Dizionario di economia e finanza. Treccani, la cultura italiana. p. 1-1.
  • G., Bottazzi; Devetag, MARIA GIOVANNA; F., Pancotto (2011). Does volatility matter? Expectations of price return and variability in an asset pricing experiment. JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC BEHAVIOR & ORGANIZATION, p. 124-146. ISSN 0167-2681.
  • Devetag, MARIA GIOVANNA; A., Ortmann (2010). Classic coordination failures revisited: the effects of deviation costs and loss avoidance. ECONOMICS BULLETIN, p. 1633-1641. ISSN 1545-2921.