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Cristiano Busco

Cristiano Busco
Full Professor

Research centers:
- None -

Main publications (last 10 years)

  • BUSCO, CRISTIANO; GRANA', FABRIZIO; IZZO, MARIA FEDERICA (2019). Integrating sustainable development goals within companies’ decision-making process. The role of integrated thinking and reporting. RIVISTA ITALIANA DI RAGIONERIA E DI ECONOMIA AZIENDALE, p. 4-20. ISSN 1593-9154.
  • Busco, Cristiano; Malafronte, Irma; Pereira, John; Grazia Starita, Maria (2019). The determinants of companies’ levels of integration: Does one size fit all?. THE BRITISH ACCOUNTING REVIEW, p. 277-298. ISSN 0890-8389.
  • Riccaboni, Angelo; Frigo, MARK L.; Hickey, Loughlin; Pavlovic, Andjela; Busco, Cristiano (2018). Toward business 2030. STRATEGIC FINANCE, p. 26-35. ISSN 1524-833X.
  • Izzo, MARIA FEDERICA; Busco, Cristiano; Grana', Fabrizio (2018). L'evoluzione del sistema di corporate reporting. Lo Shared Value all'interno del bilancio integrato di un gruppo bancario. RIVISTA ITALIANA DI RAGIONERIA E DI ECONOMIA AZIENDALE, p. 16-36. ISSN 1593-9154.
  • Busco, Cristiano; Quattrone, Paolo (2018). Performing business and social innovation through accounting inscriptions: An introduction. ACCOUNTING, ORGANIZATIONS AND SOCIETY, ISSN 0361-3682.
  • Busco, Cristiano; Giovannoni, Elena; Granà, Fabrizio; Izzo, Maria Federica (2018). Making sustainability meaningful: aspirations, discourses and reporting practices. ACCOUNTING, AUDITING & ACCOUNTABILITY JOURNAL, p. 2218-2246. ISSN 1368-0668.
  • Busco, Cristiano; Quattrone, Paolo (2018). In Search of the "Perfect One": How accounting as a maieutic machine sustains inventions through generative 'in-tensions'. MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING RESEARCH, p. 1-16. ISSN 1044-5005.
  • Busco, Cristiano; Izzo, Maria Federica; Grana', Fabrizio (2018). Sustainable Development Goals and Integrated Reporting. Routledge, p. 1-137. ISBN: 978-1-138-31337-8.
  • Riccaboni, Angelo; Busco, Cristiano; Giovannoni, Elena edited by (2018). Il controllo di gestione. Wolters Kluwer Italia, p. 1-1400. ISBN: 9788821767227.
  • Busco, Cristiano; Fiori, Giovanni; Mark L., Frigo; Angelo, Riccaboni (2017). Sustainable Development Goals: integrating sustainability initiatives with long term value creation. STRATEGIC FINANCE, p. 28-37. ISSN 1524-833X.
  • Busco, Cristiano; Giovannoni, Elena; Riccaboni, Angelo (2017). Sustaining multiple logics within hybrid organisations: Accounting, mediation and the search for innovation. ACCOUNTING, AUDITING & ACCOUNTABILITY JOURNAL, p. 191-216. ISSN 1368-0668.
  • Arnaboldi, Michela; Busco, Cristiano; Cuganesan, Suresh (2017). Accounting, accountability, social media and big data: revolution or hype?. ACCOUNTING, AUDITING & ACCOUNTABILITY JOURNAL, p. 762-776. ISSN 1368-0668.
  • Busco, Cristiano; Quattrone, Paolo (2015). Exploring How the Balanced Scorecard Engages and Unfolds: Articulating the Visual Power of Accounting Inscriptions. CONTEMPORARY ACCOUNTING RESEARCH, p. 1236-1262. ISSN 0823-9150.
  • Busco, Cristiano; Caglio, Ariela; Scapens, Robert W. (2014). Management and accounting innovations: reflecting on what they are and why they are adopted. THE JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT AND GOVERNANCE, p. 495-524. ISSN 1385-3457.
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  • Busco, Cristiano; Scapens, R. (2011). Management accounting systems and organisational culture: Interpreting their linkages and processes of change. QUALITATIVE RESEARCH IN ACCOUNTING & MANAGEMENT, p. 320-357. ISSN 1176-6093.
  • Busco, Cristiano; Barretta, Antonio (2011). Technologies of government in public sector’s networks: In search of cooperation through management control innovations. MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING RESEARCH, p. 211-219. ISSN 1044-5005.
  • Busco, Cristiano; Angelo, Riccaboni (2010). Governo e gestione delle performance d'impresa. Pearson Education, p. 1-220. ISBN: 9788871926216, 8871926218.