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Saverio Bozzolan

Saverio Bozzolan
Full Professor


Nato a Padova il 2 aprile 1967.

Areas of research: Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Corporate restructuring, Corporate Social Responsibility

Main publications (last 10 years)

  • Bozzolan, S.; Mihkinnen, A. (2020). The quality of mandatory non-financial (risk) disclosures: the moderating role of audit firm and partner characteristics. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ACCOUNTING, ISSN 1094-4060.
  • Bozzolan, S.; Michelon, G.; Giornetti, A.; Mattei, M. (2019). Signing the Letter to Shareholders: Does the Signatory’s role relate to disclosure tone?. FINANCIAL REPORTING, p. 37-82. ISSN 2036-671X.
  • Laghi, Enrico; Bozzolan, Saverio; Beccalli, Elena; Marco, Mattei (2018). Non-verifiable qualitative disclosure to inform or mislead: insights from insider trading activity. FINANCIAL REPORTING, p. 73-108. ISSN 2036-671X.
  • Baginski, STEPHEN P.; Bozzolan, Saverio; Mazzola, Pietro; Marra, Antonio (2017). Strategy, Valuation, and Forecast Accuracy: Evidence from Italian Strategic Plan Disclosures. EUROPEAN ACCOUNTING REVIEW, p. 341-378. ISSN 1468-4497.
  • Bozzolan, Saverio; Laghi, E.; Mattei, M. (2016). Amendments to IAS 41 and IAS 16: implications for accounting for bearer plants. ZEMEDELSKA EKONOMIKA, p. 160-171. ISSN 0139-570X.
  • Bozzolan, Saverio; Fabrizi, Michele; Mallin, Christine A.; Michelon, Giovanna (2015). Corporate Social Responsibility and Earnings Quality: International Evidence. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ACCOUNTING, p. 361-396. ISSN 1094-4060.
  • Arena, C.; Bozzolan, Saverio; Michelon, G. (2015). Environmental reporting: transparency to stakeholders or stakeholders’ manipulation? An analysis of disclosure tone and the role of board of directors. CORPORATE SOCIAL-RESPONSIBILITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT, p. 1-24. ISSN 1535-3966.
  • Bozzolan, Saverio; Charles H., Cho; Giovanna, Michelon (2015). Impression Management and Organizational Audiences: The Fiat Group Case. JOURNAL OF BUSINESS ETHICS, p. 143-165. ISSN 0167-4544.
  • Bozzolan, Saverio; Beretta, S.; Michelon, G. (2015). Board monitoring and internal control system disclosure in different regulatory environments. JOURNAL OF APPLIED ACCOUNTING RESEARCH, p. 138-164. ISSN 0967-5426.
  • E., Beccalli; Bozzolan, Saverio; A., Menini; P., Molyneux (2015). Earnings management, forecast guidance and the banking crisis. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF FINANCE, p. 242-268. ISSN 1351-847X.
  • Bozzolan, Saverio; Michelon, G.; Imperatore, C. (2013). Sistemi di controllo interno e qualità dell'informativa contabile.. ECONOMIA & MANAGEMENT, p. 83-102. ISSN 1120-5032.
  • Bozzolan, Saverio; Parbonetti, A.; Favotto, F. (2012). Economia Aziendale. Modelli, misure, casi. McGraw Hill, p. 1-340. ISBN: 978-88-386-6691-9.
  • Bozzolan, Saverio; S., Beretta (2011). Il governo della performance dei processi di business: dai Key Performance Indicators ai Key Risk Indicators. MANAGEMENT CONTROL, p. 9-37. ISSN 2239-0391.
  • Beretta, S; Bozzolan, Saverio; G., Michelon (2011). La disclosure sul sistema di controllo interno come meccanismo di monitoraggio: evidenze empiriche da differenti contesti istituzionali. MANAGEMENT CONTROL, p. 125-149. ISSN 2239-0391.