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Enzo Peruffo

Enzo Peruffo
Associate Professor


Nato il 23/11/1979.

Areas of research: Corporate Governance, Corporate Strategy, Divestiture, Family

Search keywords: Corporate strategy, Corporate governance, Divestiture, Family business, Business transformation

Departments: Dipartimento di Impresa e Management

Research centers:
ReBooT - Reasearch Centre in Business Transformation

Main publications (last 10 years)

  • Pinelli, Michele; Cappa, Francesco; Franco, Stefano; Peruffo, Enzo; Oriani, Raffaele (2020). Too Much of Two Good Things: Effects of Founders’ Educational Level and Heterogeneity on Start-Up Funds Raised. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT, p. 1-15. ISSN 0018-9391.
  • Pinelli, Michele; Cappa, Francesco; Peruffo, Enzo; Oriani, Raffaele (2020). Acquisitions of non-controlling equity stakes: Agency conflicts and profitability. STRATEGIC ORGANIZATION, p. 1-27. ISSN 1476-1270.
  • Corsico, Fabio; Peruffo, Enzo; Acciarini, Chiara edited by (2020). The Handbook of Family Business. LUISS University Press, p. 1-291. ISBN: 978-88-6105-534-6.
  • Brunetta, Federica; Marchegiani, Lucia; Peruffo, Enzo (2020). When birds of a feather don't flock together: Diversity and innovation outcomes in international R&D collaboration. JOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH, p. 436-445. ISSN 0148-2963.
  • Peruffo, Enzo; Vicentini, Francesca; Meissner, Dirk; Mueller, Jens (2019). Unpacking entrepreneurial intensity and individual ambidexterity in small project-based enterprises: a new perspective for the TV drama industry. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT, p. 1-9. ISSN 0018-9391.
  • Banerjee, Sujata; Oriani, Raffaele; Peruffo, Enzo (2019). Corporate board structure and foreign equity investments in weak institutional regimes. CORPORATE GOVERNANCE, p. 458-476. ISSN 0964-8410.
  • Peruffo, Enzo; MESSENI PETRUZZELLI, Antonio; Ardito, Lorenzo; Pascucci, Federica (2019). Inter-firm R&D collaborations and green innovation value: The role of family firms’ involvement and the moderating effects of proximity dimensions. BUSINESS STRATEGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT, p. 185-197. ISSN 1099-0836.
  • Peruffo, Enzo; Ardito, Lorenzo; Natalicchio, Angelo (2019). The relationships between the internationalization of alliance portfolio diversity, individual incentives, and innovation ambidexterity: A microfoundational approach. TECHNOLOGICAL FORECASTING AND SOCIAL CHANGE, ISSN 0040-1625.
  • Pinelli, Michele; Cappa, Francesco; Franco, Stefano; Peruffo, Enzo (2018). Competenze dei fondatori e performance attesa delle start-up: un’analisi empirica. PICCOLA IMPRESA, p. 59-80. ISSN 0394-7947.
  • Peruffo, Enzo; Marchegiani, Lucia; Vicentini, Francesca (2018). Experience as a source of knowledge in divestiture decisions: emerging issues and knowledge management implications. JOURNAL OF KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT, p. 344-361. ISSN 1367-3270.
  • Peruffo, Enzo (2018). Le strategie di Turnaround nell'era digitale: modelli di analisi e sviluppo. McGraw-Hill Education, p. 1-154. ISBN: 9788838694639.
  • Peruffo, Enzo; Perri, Alessandra (2017). Family Business and Technological Innovation: Empirical Insights from the Italian Pharmaceutical Industry. Palgrave Macmillan, p. 1-159. ISBN: 978-3-319-61595-0.
  • Peruffo, Enzo; Alessandra, Perri; Pirolo, Luca (2016). La creazione di valore nelle strategie di disinvestimento: evidenze dal contesto europeo. SINERGIE, p. 389-412. ISSN 0393-5108.
  • Binacci, Martina; Peruffo, Enzo; Oriani, Raffaele; Minichilli, Alessandro (2016). Are All Non-Family Managers (NFMs) Equal? The Impact of NFMs Characteristics and Diversity on Family Firm Performance. CORPORATE GOVERNANCE, p. 569-583. ISSN 0964-8410.
  • Alessandra, Perri; Peruffo, Enzo (2016). Knowledge Spillovers from FDI: A Critical Review from the International Business Perspective. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT REVIEWS, p. 3-27. ISSN 1460-8545.
  • Peruffo, Enzo; Pirolo, Luca; Elena Nenni, Maria (2014). Spin-off and innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, p. 1-7. ISSN 1847-9790.
  • Brunetta, Federica; Peruffo, Enzo (2014). May parents inherit from heirs? Towards an understanding of the parent-spun-off relationship. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED SCIENCES, p. 921-928. ISSN 1546-9239.
  • D'Alise, Chiara; Giustiniano, Luca; Peruffo, Enzo (2014). Innovating Through Clusters. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, p. 1-14. ISSN 1847-9790.
  • Peruffo, Enzo; A., Perri; S., Gentili (2013). Verso una cultura del disinvestimento: efficienza, superiorità e conformità. FINANZA MARKETING E PRODUZIONE, p. 40-67. ISSN 1593-2230.
  • Peruffo, Enzo (2013). Verso una cultura del disinvestimento: strategia, governance e valore economico. Franco Angeli editore, Milano, p. 1-235. ISBN: 9788820465636.
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