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Paolo Boccardelli

Paolo Boccardelli
Luiss Business School Director


Nato a Roma il 7 Agosto 1971.

PhD in Management
Professore di Economia e gestione delle imprese e Strategia d'impresa
Direttore Luiss Business School

Areas of research: Corporate Strategy, Creative Industries and Culture, Innovation policy


Dean Luiss Business School. PhD in Management. Full Professor of Management and Corporate Strategy, Luiss University. Director of the Research Center for Business Transformation, Luiss Business School.

Teaching in Bachelor and Master Programs, MBA, PhD in Management and executive education.

Designated component of the Evaluation Team, LUM Jean Monnet University and Expert of International standing, Australian Research Council. 

Chairman of the Advisory Board, Lars Magnus Ericsson Foundation

Member of the Board of Directors, AICAS and of the Scientific Committee of the Intelligence Laboratory, University of Calabria.

He is on the Board of L. Com.

Member of the International Advisory Board, Amsterdam International Business School.

Member of the Scientific Committee of the Business Magazine Cyber Affairs.

Member of the steering group for the research “Women on Business School”.

Expert on development and implementation of quality standards in planning and implementation of organizational changes, leadership and organization in higher education, university adaptation and change, international and comparative higher education, globalization of higher education systems, and knowledge management.  During his tenure as Dean, Luiss Business School achieves the EQUIS accreditation and is going through AACSB. Furthermore, the School is now responsible for the Italian Chapter of PRME.

Advisor of Quality Services and Processes EQUIS and Member of the EQUIS Committee, composed by highly respected individuals with extensive experience of management education. It supports and advises the EFMD and the EQUIS Director on the development, implementation and operation of the System, including advice on relevant policies, criteria and processes.

Renowned speaker at International Conferences, he is the author of many scholarly publications in the field of strategic management, creative industries and business model innovation and wrote the heading “Creative Industries” of the Palgrave Dictionary on Strategic Management.




Main publications (last 10 years)

  • Boccardelli, Paolo; Brunetta, Federica; Magni, Luca; Mangiacotti, Emanuele (2018). Dalla digital transformation all’open innovation: le strategie del mondo Pharma. HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW ITALIA, p. 84-88.
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  • Vicentini, Francesca; Boccardelli, Paolo (2016). Career diversity and project performance in the Italian television industry. JOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH, p. 1-28. ISSN 0148-2963.
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