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2017-2018 academic year

Bachelor's degree program in Economics and Management

Students enrolled for their first year in 2017-2018

There are no prerequisites to respect for first-year courses.

Students enrolled for their second year in 2017-2018 (first enrolled in 2016-2017)

Economia aziendale 507 is a prerequisite for Contabilità e bilancio A61
Matematica AB3 is a prerequisite for Matematica finanziaria 044
Diritto privato 674 is a prerequisite for Diritto commerciale 005

Students enrolled for their third year in 2017-2018 (first enrolled in 2015-2016)

There are no prerequisites to respect for third-year courses.

For all students, prerequisites that refer to courses offered in previous academic years, taken in the relative academic year and already present in the study plan, will not change throughout the student's academic career.

Students only need to consider prerequisites determined for the year they enrolled in the degree program.

There are no prerequisites for master's degree programs.