2020-2021 academic year

2020-2021 academic year

Bachelor's degree programs: mandatory pre-program courses

First-year bachelor's students are required to take a mandatory pre-program course (which will be carried out online) during Freshers' Week, September 7-12, 2020. The pre-program course focuses on fundamentals knowledge and skills required for the program. Following the course, students must take a final exam. Students who do not pass the final exam must retake the course during their first year. Throughout the year, various sessions will be held to prepare for and retake the exam.

Master's degree programs: pre-program courses and e-learning materials

Online contents are available for first-year master's students in order to integrate and improve their competences. Luiss provides e-learning content aimed at supporting lectures and promoting self-study to achieve blended learning, which is necessary to integrate the classroom work.


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