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Seminars on Microcredit and Development

The seminar series, offered in collaboration with Banca Etica, analyzes the relationship between microcredit and development, two elements that continue to prove themselves useful in business and social development as well as in the fight against poverty.

Starting with a theoretical point of view, the course focuses on the concepts of microcredit and ethical finance to evaluate the different models and results obtained so far.

The seminars are divided into three sections:

  • An initial module on ethical finance with four laboratory session for a total of 16 hours
  • A second module on microfinance for a total of 4 laboratories and 16 course hours
  • A third module that analyzes new developments in ethical finance and digital interaction, impact finance and microcredit. Two laboratories are dedicated to this moduel for a total of 8 course hours.

The course runs for a total of 40 hours. In order to receive credit, students must participate in70% of the lessons, or 28 hours, and have obtained a positive evaluation of their final project.

The course is only offered in Italian (30 students).

The course calendar will be available in January.