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Openness, Makers and Personal Digital Fabrication

The objective of the course is to help students approach the new frontier of digital artisanry and its implications: the peer economy, horizonality, crowdfunding, sustainability, co-working and self-employment.

The students will then create new ideas, experiment with the potential of new instruments and their own accessibility (you don’t need to be an engineer!)

Students will then work with 3D printers and Arduino, as well as FabLab Roma Makers who offer their technological know-how, tools and materials.

The course is divided into four-hour modules, as follows:

  • Module I - Open Culture and Open Enterprise, Innovation Trends
  • Module II - Share Economy: Participation, Collaboration, Accessibility and Common Good
  • Module III - I Makers and Digital Artisanry
  • Module IV - Internet of Things
  • Module V - FabLab Machines: 3D Priners, Laser Cutters and CNC Machines
  • Module VI - Project Building: Prototype Planning Techniques
  • Module VII  - Project Building: Personal Digital Fabrication
  • Module VIII - Project Building: Prototypes
  • Module IX - Project Building: Prototype Presentation and Pitch Practice
  • Module X - Final Project Presentations 

The course lasts a total of 40 hours. To receive credit, students must attend 28 hours, 70% of the total course hours, and pass a final evaluation stipulated by the instructor.

The course is offered in Italian and is limited to 25 students.

The course calendar will be available in January.