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Case Analysis and Business Game

The course aims to analyze important aspects of doing business, focusing on themes of Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability.

Through case analysis, taking into consideration different perspectives, students will work on current business themes, putting knowledge obtained throughout their studies to use.

Following case analysis, students will be divided into teams of 6-8 and assigned a business case. Through role playing, students will address their case from different angles, representing different roles within a company, experimenting with the variety of available solutions.

Course phases:

  • Step 1 - Case presentations (8 hours)
  • Step 2 - Group creation (4 hours)
  • Step 3 - Group work (8 hours)
  • Step 4 - Presentations (6 hours)
  • Step 5 - Business game launch (2 hours)
  • Step 6 - Group work (12 hours)
  • Step 7 - Presentation and conclusions (4 hours)

The course consists of 44 course hours, in addition to project work. To receive credit, students must be present for a minimum of 31 hours, or 70% of the total hours and pass a final evaluation as stipulated by the instructor.

The course is offered in Italian (60 students).

The course calendar will be available in January.