Francisco Javier Villarroel Ordenes

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Ricercatore Art. 24 C.3 Lett. B L. 240/2010

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Dr. Francisco Villarroel Ordenes (PhD. in Marketing, Maastricht University) is an Assistant Professor and Director of the MSc. in Marketing at LUISS Guido Carli University, where he teaches Business & Marketing Analytics, Performance Marketing, and Unstructured Data Analysis. His research revolves around the themes of marketing analytics, social media marketing, and customer experience, and it has been published in leading journals including the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Service Research, Journal of Retailing, among others. He currently serves on the editorial review boards of the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Retailing, the Journal of Service Research and the Journal of Business Research.


Selected publications:

Herhaussen, D., Grewal, L., Hill, K., Roggeveen A., Villarroel Ordenes, F., Grewal, D., (2022), “Deescalating Arousal in Social Media Complaints: Using Active Listening and Empathy to Enhance Customer Gratitude,” Journal of Marketing, Forthcoming 

Grewal, D., Herhausen, D., Ludwig, S., Villarroel Ordenes, F. (2021), “Research on Digital Multimedia Data: Understanding the roles of multimodality and dynamics,” Journal of Retailing, 98 (2), 224-240 

Villarroel Ordenes, F., and Silipo R. (2021), “Machine Learning for Marketing on the KNIME Hub: The Development of a Live Repository for Marketing Applications,” Journal of Business Research, 137, 393-410 . See repository here

Villarroel Ordenes, F., Grewal, D., Ludwig, S., de Ruyter, K., Mahr, D., and Wetzels, M. (2019), “Cutting through Content Clutter: How Speech and Image Acts Drive Consumer Sharing of Social Media Brand Messages,” Journal of Consumer Research, 45(5), 988-1012 

Recent awards:

2022 Winer of best paper award in the Digital Marketing Track at Society of Italian Marketing (SIM) Conference. 

Winer of Contributor of the Month (COTM 2020-2022) for the KNIME Analytics Platform.  

Teaching Excellence Award (2021) for the course “Business and Marketing Analytics”, bachelor's in Management and Computer Science, LUISS Guido Carli University.