Ian Paul Mccarthy


Dr. Ian McCarthy is a Professor of Technology Management at Luiss. He visits from Simon Fraser University where he is a Professor of Technology and Operations Management. His research and teaching interests include operations management, change and innovation management, and social media. At Luiss he is working with colleagues on innovation and intellectual property management, and is interested in how Luiss supports innovation and entrepreneurship using initiatives such as its’ EnLabs.

Previously he was a faculty member at the Universities of Warwick and Sheffield, a Fulbright Scholar at Georgia Institute of Technology, and worked at Philips Electronics and Alcan. His research and teaching interests include operations management, change and innovation management, and social media. His research has been published in many top journals, including: Academy of Management Review, Industry and Corporate Change, California Management Review, Technovation, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, R&D Management, Business Horizons and OMEGA. My research has featured in other publication media, including The Economist Magazine, the Huffington Post, Business Insider and The Globe and Mail.

Ian also blogs about the management of innovation, operations and strategic change at It Depends.

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