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Corporate Finance

The degree program, by focusing on the interactions among corporations and financial markets, reflects objectives common to both departments and covers the areas of financial economics, financial management, business planning and valuation, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), capital markets, asset pricing, risk management and derivatives.

Graduates in Corporate Finance will have the opportunity to work within finance divisions of large corporations, corporate banking and M&A divisions of investment banks, financial advisory and consulting firms and investment funds. 

Sbocchi professionali

In order to meet the high standards required for the jobs in the field of corporate finance field, students will be provided with both strong formal training and practical experience that will prepare them to deal with real-world complex cases and operations. This objective will be achieved through the adoption of innovative teaching methods that will help students to translate strong theory into useful practice. Students will be continuously exposed to case studies, simulations, company presentations and experiences, inspiring talks by top managers and professionals. At the end of the program, the graduates will have acquired all the professional competencies and the personal skills needed to start a successful career in the field of corporate finance.

The program also encourages students to experience another foreign culture through Double Degree programs in collaboration with LUISS partner institutions:

Students in Corporate Finance also have the opportunity to participate in the prestigious QTEM program, an exclusive network of 19 world-class universities and leading multinational organizations that aims to forge a link between academia and industry. Within QTEM, students spend one academic year in two partner institutions to experience other foreign cultures and perspectives while earning a supranational degree certification.

For more information contact the International Development Office.

Piano di studi

Primo anno (2020-2021)

Primo semestre

CodiceInsegnamentoSSDCreditiCanale ACanale B
M249Cases in business lawIUS/046
M252Corporate governanceSECS-P/076
M245Financial statement analysisSECS-P/078
M248Quantitative methods for financeSECS-S/068

Secondo semestre

CodiceInsegnamentoSSDCreditiCanale ACanale B
M264Advanced corporate financeSECS-P/098
M253Asset pricingSECS-P/018
M247International financial economicsSECS-P/018
S0MM&a and investment bankingSECS-P/118

Secondo anno (2021-2022)

Primo semestre

M246Business valuationSECS-P/098
  • TBA
SHSRisk managementSECS-P/116
  • TBA
Ulteriori creditiCrediti
A scelta dello studente12
Per la prova finale18
Ulteriori conoscenze linguistiche4
Tirocini formativi e di orientamento8
Altre conoscenze utili per l'inserimento nel mondo del lavoro4
Totale n. crediti120

Additional credits 

A scelta dello studente - Elective courses (12 credits) 
Students have to choose two courses of 6 credits that will be held in the I semester of the II year. The courses have to be chosen at the end of the I year.
Prova Finale - Master Degree's Thesis (18 credits)
The final evaluation for master's degree programs consists of the discussion and evaluation of a dissertation written in English on a topic related to a course the student has passed an exam on. 

Ulteriori conoscenze linguistiche – Mandatory language (4 credits) 
Students have to attend a mandatory language, choosing from Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. The course will be held during the II semester of the I year.
Students must choose the mandatory language during the I semester of the I year according to the procedure that will be communicated. For further information: The University Language Center 

Tirocini formativi e di orientamento - Internships and project works 
An internship or project work is required for 8 credits. The internship or project work can be performed in both the I and II year of the program. For more information contact the Career Services Office or Luiss Project Network
Altre conoscenze utili per l’inserimento nel mondo del lavoro - Other activities to gain useful work-related skills

During the freshers Week students will take part to the Learning Innovation Activities. These activities are designed for the students to get to know Luiss. Students will meet important practitioners to reflect on 4 important themes: diversity, ethics, the importance of socio-emotional sensibility in interpersonal relations, the importance of personal purpose in the professional and individual life.

The idea behind the project is to connect personal and professional life and learn from experienced practitioners. Students will develop several skills such as: team-work, project management, communications and organizarional skills, and  digital skills.

For selection purposes (Exchange Programs, Double Degrees, Structured Partnerships) account will be taken of all credits earned and recorded by the end of the winter exam session (including credits earned from internships, languages, seminars, soft skills, summer schools, courses brought forward, etc.). Credits earned from additional courses (corsi liberi) will not count.