Global Corporation Sustainability


The ERS Lab’s course Global Corporation Sustainability consists of two training modules; one will be dedicated to Soft skills and one to the analysis of a topic related to the study course. Both modules will be integrated with learning-by-doing activities. In details, the training course will be organized as follows:

  • 20 hours of training on Negotiation Skills: the laboratory will enable students to understand negotiation skills expressed through his/her behavior and to identify the main areas of concern in order to maximize the efficacy in an international working environment. It is based on experiential development and on training the key competencies identified by the Lab through group or individual exercises and works in pairs.
  • 20 hours on global corporate sustainability lab, during which students will analyze key questions such as: what does it mean and what does it take for a global corporation to be sustainable, act sustainably, and promote sustainability? Efficiency, farsightedness and innovation are three criteria that are often invoked: how do they cash out, and are they really all that it takes?

Students will analyze global corporate sustainability in 5 sessions of 4 hours each, discussing 5 key sectors: Food, Energy, Health Care, Tech, and Tourism. In each case sustainability challenges will be articulated for pertinent corporations and will critically assess their responses and innovation plans. Each session includes a 90-mins presentation by the instructor, followed by tutored lab work by students researching and evaluating cases.