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Management - Program for 2014/2015

The Master of Science in Management is designed to train professionals to occupy managerial and specialized positions at companies and corporate consultancy firms.

Course graduates will be professionals specializing in managing internationalization processes, innovation projects, financial operations, or the luxury and fashion sector. Employment opportunities include professional positions at executive consultancy firms and management positions with companies working in the industrial and service sectors that are interested in expanding into international markets and markets with high levels of innovation.

The Master’s Degree program in Management is taught entirely in English and allows a limited number of students to earn a Double Degree. LUISS Double Degree partners’ institutions are: Fudan University in Shanghai, China; European Business School (EBS), in Rheingau-Wiesbaden, Germany; Universidade Nova in Lisbon, Portugal; City University, Cass Business School, London, UK; Skema Business School in Sophia Antipolis,  France.  Students interested in the Double Degree Programs with Fudan University and EBS are selected during their third year of their Bachelor’s Degree, while the selection process for the Double Degree Program with Universidade Nova, City University and Skema runs during the first year of Management.

The course aims to develop a store of specialized knowledge in the area of management, corporate organization, financial analysis and the analysis of competitive dynamics, with reference to companies and corporate consultancy firms working in a global setting. Starting from second semester of the first year, students can choose to major in: Corporate Finance, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, International Management, or Luxury, Fashion and the Creative Industries.  

The major in Corporate Finance prepares people to work for financial or administrative offices, finance and control departments of companies of various sizes and financial intermediaries, developing a special sensitivity towards the problems connected with internationalization. This major develops know-how that is also useful for providing professional support to companies in the field of financial analysis and assessment.

The aim of the major in International Management is to help students acquire the skills they need in order to work for organizations that are very involved in international markets or to hold positions that are directly connected to the company’s commercial and production-related presence abroad. Furthermore, it offers an in-depth understanding of global competitive dynamics, as this knowledge is essential in order to work effectively in any economic organization.

The aim of the major in Luxury and Fashion is to train people who can hold managerial positions at companies in the luxury or fashion industry. It teaches skills that focus on these sectors and gives students’ CVs a distinctive edge.

The major in Innovation and Entrepreneurship trains professionals to participate in the management of innovation projects within companies or other organizations. It provides a broad range of knowledge (in the areas of finance, production, strategy-organization and marketing) that is necessary on an integrated level in order to evaluate and implement innovation projects. 

Admission procedure

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