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Economics and Business Management - Program for 2014/2015

The curriculum for the “Economics and Business Management” master’s degree program gives its graduates a deeper understanding of business phenomena and management techniques, as well as qualitative and quantitative tools that can be used in large, medium-sized, and small organizations. Particular attention will be paid to the unique nature of international organizations. This combined expertise, provided using the appropriate teaching methodologies, leads to the development of operational capabilities on issues related to: the management of companies and individual business units (including complex ones); change management; the creation and implementation of business projects; and the implementation of operational measures within the various functions of an economic organization. The program develops the skills needed to work in financial, management and marketing departments. It also provides “broad spectrum” knowledge that leads students to develop a systematic and integrated vision of management issues and company organization, and to acquire crossover skills. The program supplies a range of skills that are ideal for those who intend to pursue a career in management within the various business functions in companies, in addition to entrepreneurial skills that provide a foundation for assessing business opportunities that arise nationally and internationally, even on a reduced scale (such as small- to medium-sized businesses or family-run businesses).

Admission procedure

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