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Business Accounting - Program for 2014/2015

The master’s degree program in "Business Accounting" gives graduates a solid preparation, and the knowledge and skills they will need to become business consultants in the following areas: administration, finance and control, auditing, company valuation and extraordinary corporate transactions, corporate governance, and tax planning. The degree program also allows them to acquire the expertise they need to enter the profession of accountant and statutory auditor.

An in-depth knowledge of company phenomena and management techniques, from both the qualitative and quantitative points of view, can be applied to large, medium-sized and small organizations and to different business sectors. This combined expertise allows students to develop operational and professional capabilities to solve problems related to fiscal, administrative and financial consulting for businesses, auditing, tax planning, extraordinary corporate transactions and corporate governance. In addition, students will gain experience with conceptual and methodological tools that consultants typically use and which characterize this degree program.

The degree program also includes internships at companies as well as at public, private, national, international and supranational institutions.

Admission procedure

Get information about taking the admission test and on the admission procedure for international students.