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Economics and Management - Program for 2014/2015

Class: L-18 - Science of Economics and Business Management

Graduates of the degree program in Economics and Management are provided with solid, basic, general preparation in the economic, corporate, legal and quantitative fields, as well as a solid methodological training in the analysis and critical interpretation of economic and corporate dynamics. They will understand operational and economic-financial profiles and will acquire useful tools for the formulation, implementation and monitoring of decisions.

The program is distinguished by its search for an effective balance between various essential methodological tools and the option, starting in the third year, of carving out an academic path that will allow them to acquire specialized professional skills.

The degree program is designed to ensure constant focus on the development of solid basic skills with regard to economic analysis, quantitative tools and legal skills. The understanding of economics, finance and business is contextualized both in terms of function (administration and supervision, marketing, business management, and organization), and in terms of sector (the industrial, service, commercial, and business sectors, as well as public administration). The study plan is in line with the need to facilitate entry into the labor market, providing professional courses, seminars and/or internships. All of this is consistent with the proposed division of the scientific disciplines, whether in the field of economics or business economics. Another aim of the degree program is the continuation of studies, with master’s degree programs in the category of "Economic and Business Sciences " or in the category of “Economic Sciences".

Admission procedure

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