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Accounting, Control and Finance

Course syllabus and timetables will be made available during the selection period.
Selection period: June 2019
Selection method: Web Self-Service
Before selecting courses, students must pay close attention to:

  • syllabus
  • possible prerequisites
  • course timetables (avoid choosing conflicting lesson times)
  • semester

Once the selection period closes, it will no longer be possible to modify choices.
Courses will only be run if the minimum number of participants is reached. If the minimum is not reached, students will be contacted to make a second choice.
Students that do not select courses by the deadline will be assigned a class schedule that cannot be modified. 

Code Course Professor Program Video
M017 Digital marketing
  • Ibarra Maximo
Program Video
M060 Diritto del lavoro e relazioni industriali
  • Marazza Marco
  • Martone Michel
SGA Diritto processuale tributario
  • Marchetti Fabio
  • Napoli Giuseppe
Program Video
EM04 Economia aziendale dello sport
  • Caricasulo Simona
  • Di Lazzaro Fabrizio
Program Video
SGF Economics and management of energy business
  • Mori Simone
Program Video
M051 Experimental and behavioural economics
  • Schram Arthur Jan Handrikus Christoffel
M237 Fixed income, credit and derivatives
  • Cybo-Ottone Alberto Adolfo
Program Video
M234 Gestione dei processi commerciali e delle reti di vendita
  • D'Ambrosio Daniele
  • Massara Francesco
Program Video
SJO International trade and commercial policies
  • Manzocchi Stefano
SMJ M&a and investment banking
  • Langer Marshall
Program Video
M235 Management delle assicurazioni
  • Cimbri Carlo
  • Giovannini Renato
Program Video
M303 Marketing big data analysis
  • Braccini Alessio Maria
SS4 Real estate finance
  • Casertano Gaetano
Program Video
AA5 Revisione interna,compliance e gest.rischi
  • Ferrari Massimo
  • Ricci Sante
Program Video
M174 Risk management and compliance
  • Mazzoni Giancarlo
Program Video
SFV Sistemi di remunerazione e gest. risorse umane
  • Gabrielli Gabriele
  • Innocenti Laura
Program Video
SDE Storia della finanza e dei sistemi finanziari
  • Di Taranto Giuseppe
Program Video
M328 The politics of cultural heritage in europe
  • Thatcher Mark
Program Video
EM13 Valuation and accounting in m&a transactions
  • Rinaldi Alessandro Maria
Program Video
SDG Economia e gestione dei media
  • Balestrieri Luca
Program Video
M067 European taxation
  • Rasi Federico
  • Rosembuj Tulio Raul

Courses that have reached the maximum number of students:

Codice Corso Docente Program Video
EM14 Content marketing e brand storytelling
  • Giorgino Francesco
M305 Machine learning & object driven marketing
  • Italiano Giuseppe Francesco
  • Laura Luigi
SLX Equity markets and alternative investments
  • Morelli Marco
  • Vitale Paolo

Courses that will not be activated in academic year 2019-20:

Codice Corso Docente Program Video
M306 Impact and integrated reporting
  • Baldissoni Mauro
  • Di Donato Francesca
S0B Marketing territoriale
  • Caroli Matteo Giuliano
EM11 Compliance and internal auditing
  • Accardi Fabio
  • Bozzolan Saverio