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Seminars 2016-2017

In order to fulfill Other Activities requirements, students enrolled in both bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, registered in or before 2014-2015, can sign up for seminar series.

Seminar series are just one way to fulfill Other Activites credits. Students may alternatively register for internships, language courses, etc.)

Seminar series for 2016-2017

Bachelor’s degree students:

Seminar series Instructor Semester
The Digital Economy Paolo Cellini II
Advanced Analytics for Business Vittorio Carlei I
Financial regulartions and digitalization Massimo Roccia II
Economic and Company Data Analysis Workshop Alessandro Rinaldi  II

Students may also register for Introduction to Excel and Data Computation (I semester, Professor Scalia Tomba) offered by the Department of Economics and Finance.

For master's degree students (students enrolled in 2015-2016 may participate without credits):

Seminar series Instructor Semester

SAP (in Italian)

Fabrizio Di Lazzaro II

Algorithmic Trading (in English) offered by DEF

Emilio Barone  I

Rotman Trading Lab (in Italian) offered by DEF

Emilio Barone  I

Rules of Engagement in the World of Finance (in English) offered by DEF

Marco Morelli I

How to participate

  • bachelor's degree students must complete the registration form from June 8 - July 1, 2016.

  • master's degree students must complete the registration form that will be active from August 29 to September 7.  

  • Master's degree and bachelor's degree student can register for second semester seminars from December 12 2016 to January 15 2017 by filling the registration form.

Selection rules

  • first-year bachelor's degree students cannot register for the seminar series
  • students may only register for seminar series for their degree level
  • students may register for only one seminar series

Attendace rules

In order to receive credit, students must meet the following requirements:

  • attend 80% of seminars
  • pass a final exam

Each seminar series lasts approximately 30 hours. Calendars will be published before lessons begin.

Seminar activation

Seminar series will only be activated if 15 students register.