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Fabio Corsico

Fabio Corsico
Titolare di Insegnamento


Fabio Corsico was born in Turin on October 20 1973. He graduated in classical studies and has an MA in Political Sciences.

In 1997, he was in charge of the International Dossier Organization for the Diplomatic Counselor’s Minister Department, Beniamino Andreatta, in the Ministry of Defense and in the Italian Military Centre for Strategic Studies.

From 1998 to 2001 he worked for the Olivetti/Mannesmann – both in Ivrea and Rome offices –  in the Infostrada Company - communication sector and human resources - and he has been in charge of the Public Affairs management. In the same period, he represented the company in Assinform and AIP.

In 2001, he moved to the Ministry of Economy and Finance as head of staff of the Minister Giulio Tremonti. Moreover, he was in the Committee for the introduction of the Euro.

In fall 2003 he was hired by Enel as Head of Institutional Affairs and Regulatory and the relations with Confindustria.

Since February 2005 he is Director of External Relations, Institutional Affairs and Development of the Caltagirone Group. For the Caltagirone Company, he also deals with the regulatory part of the company and industrial and financial holdings.

He is a Board Member of Cementir Holding, “Il Gazzettino”, Terna and Europe Assistance.

Since 2009 he is also the Italian Senior Advisor for Credit Suisse AG, and member of International Advisory Board of Afiniti.

He has been Board Member for the CRT Foundation (he is also Chairman of the Investments Committee) and Deputy Chairman for the ‘Sviluppo e Crescita Foundation’ and Deput Chairman of Equiter from 2007 to 2017.

He was Board member of the Board of Directors of Avio (2009-2010); Biverbanca and (2008-2012), Alleanza Assicurazioni (2009-2011), Alleanza Toro Assicurazioni (2011-2013), CUEIM CRT (2010-2013); Chairman of Orion Investments from 2010 to 2012; Member of the board of the Teatro Regio in Turin from 2010 to 2013, member of the board of Energia, Perseo, Grandi Stazioni, and he had led with the CEO of FS,  for Eurostazioni (Pirelli, Benetton, Caltagirone), the process of development and privatization of the company as has beenmember of the Board of NTV Italo from 2016 to 2018.

Furthermore, he has been member and founder of Aspen Junior Fellows, of the board for relations between Italy and the United States (Italia Stati Uniti Juniors), member of the Board of Magazines Zero and Formiche. At the moment, he is member of the Board of Centro Studi Americani, and of Fondazione per L’Arte CRT.

In 1998 he was responsible for the edition “International interests and Italian Identity” in the Strategic Studies series for Franco Angeli publishing; and in 2011 he wrote together with Paolo Messa the book “From Frankenstein to Prince Charming, a short history of banking foundation”, published by Marsilio. In December 2015, he published “Managers of Family” with Bernardo Bertoldi, for Sole 24 Ore.

He is Director, together with Prof.  Gros Pietro, of the Master in Family Business Management (Luiss Guido Carli university).